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  • Provide mold opening,die casting,CNC machining / post processing,fuel injection
    dusting integrated processing services

    Provide customized processing services for aluminum alloy die castings for various industries



    Mature process to check the quality of die casting products
    Aoke die castingPKOther die casting
    • High-precision material die-casting with uniform density, Not easy to break, deform,stable quality
    • Hardness
    • Using impurity raw materials, the die casting process is not mature.The finished product is vulnerable
    • After fully automatic grinding, manual re-inspection and re-grinding ensureNo burr on the surface, overall smooth
    • Smooth
    • The machine is polished and directly out of the warehouse.Rough surface, no nuclear inspection
    • Using environmentally friendly paint and advanced paint process,and then polished,Stable color value, full texture
    • Color
    • Use traditional spray paint,Non-uniform color value, dark luminosity
    • The special packaging for die-casting products is used for light handling and isolation.Protect the surface of the product
    • Scratch
    • No professional management,place anywhere,Products are worn and scratched

    Cost-effective/customized according to customer needs/drawings and samples processing

    Lighting accessories custom casePositioning in the high-end market, the design is fashionable, classic, simple, sophisticated materials, advanced technology

    We provide customers with a variety of product colors, such as paint pink, blue, orange red, bronze, milk white, etc., to meet the various needs of customers, the general industry delivery will be around 12 days, the Austrian delivery cycle Is 8 days delivery

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    Refine the processing steps and conduct monitoring and inspection at each link

    High-end production equipment

    Complete and independent mold manufacturing conditions and technology
    The factory area of 3500m2 has its own die-casting workshop, polishing and grinding workshop, CNC machining center With 300T/500T / 800T die-casting equipment and more than 20 CNC machining centers and mold processing equipment

    Professional technical team

    Provide mold opening, die casting, CNC processing / post processing, fuel injection, dusting and other services
    Professional die-casting mold flow analysis software and 3D mold design, sophisticated mold making and mold surface treatment technology The design team has strong mold development strength and circumvents more than 98% of the program defects before opening the mold

    A good after-sales service

    Intimate butler service, after-sales protection
    Have a perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system, a full-time engineer to solve technical problems in time for you 12 hours of response to abnormal quality, closed within 2 days

    A professional aluminum alloy die casting processing factory

    Aoke precision die casting

    Have its own processing workshop, polishing and grinding workshop, grinding sanding workshop A total investment of 15 million, plant area of more than 3,000 square meters, with 300T/500T / 800T, technology development team more than 10 years of experience, industry talents to participate in management. Professional design and development, production of various die-casting molds and aluminum alloy die-casting parts More +
    Causes of under-casting of die-casting parts
    Die castings encounter many quality problems in the production process, that is, they are common quality defects in die castings, and under-casting is one...